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Archive of 09-09-13

On 9 Sep 13 Barbara Miller, age 66, 7120 State Route 676, Stockport, was walking through a dark room in her home when she tripped and fell over her daughter in law’s one year old bullmastiff. The dog immediately attacked Barbara and left bite marks behind her left ear, on her right arm and on her left shoulder. Barbara also had had several lacerations. Barbara’s daughter in law, Trisha Miller, age 27, attempted to intervene and push the dog off Barbara but she was also bitten on the right arm. Lillie Miller, age 37, 1384 State Route 550, Amesville, also tried to assist and was bitten on the stomach, both hips, right leg and right hand. The women eventually freed themselves and sought refuge in a vehicle parked outside. Lillie’s thirteen year old son heard the attack taking place and loaded six or seven rounds in a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol. With the women free, the teenager discharged all of the rounds in the handgun at the dog but was unable to subdue him. The teenager then retrieved a .30-30 rifle and shot the dog once in the head. The Beverly-Waterford Fire Department transported the victims to Marietta Memorial Hospital for treatment to their wounds. They were slated to be released after receiving stitches and bandages (592, 610).

On 9 Sep 13 the Reno Fire Department transported Levi A. Lee, age 18, 1420 Coal Run Road, Marietta, to Marietta Memorial Hospital for treatment to injuries he suffered when he crashed his dirt bike. Mr. Lee suffered a minor laceration above his left eye and minor bruising when he flipped his dirt bike while riding in a dry creek bed near his property. Mr. Lee did not sustain any serious injuries (1090).

On 9 Sep 13 Jerry Felton, age 44, 803 Grandview Avenue, New Matamoras, reported after he heard the sound of a window breaking he looked outside his home and observed an unknown subject attempting to enter his truck. Upon further inspection, Mr. Felton determined $15 was missing from another vehicle on his property. This case remains under investigation (910).

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Tara Elaine Burdette, age 33, 131 Clark Street, Marietta, for two felony counts of trafficking in drugs. Burdette was picked in Franklin County by Deputy Sheriff Underwood and processed into the Washington County Jail on 9 Sep 13 at 5:00 pm.

Dustin Alan Reynolds, age 29, 105 Groves Avenue, Marietta, for failure to appear, a misdemeanor. Reynolds turned himself in to Lt. Gherke at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 9 Sep 13 at 5:15 pm.

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