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Archive of 07-29-13

On 29 Jul 13 Theda L. Smallwood, age 51, 1706 Calder Ridge Road, Belpre, reported her teenage daughter awakened her by screaming at approximately 2 am. Ms. Smallwood’s daughter heard tapping on her partially open bedroom window and then saw an unknown male, dressed in dark clothing using a knife to cut the window screen. Responding Deputies were unable to locate a suspect in the scene’s vicinity. This case remains under investigation (594, 1007).

On 29 Jul 13 a twelve year old male was moving a 2008 Ford Escape on private property on Anderson Lane in Waterford when he inadvertently pushed the gas pedal instead of the brake. The vehicle exited the driveway in reverse, crossed Anderson Lane and struck the side of a brick medical office building. The collision caused severe damage to the rear of the vehicle and left a large hole in the brick building. No injuries were reported (1010).

On 29 Jul 13 Nissa Keagy, age 45, 2460 Pleasant Ridge Road, Marietta, reported she believes the tenants she is evicting from her rental property at 2450 Pleasant Ridge Road removed the cooling core from the air conditioning unit at the residence. Ms. Keagy stated she was going to file suit against the tenants to recover funds to repair damage to the property. This case remains under investigation (509).

On 29 Jul 13 Ashley Bailey, age 22, 150 Camelot Road Lot 38, Belpre, reported at some point during the past ten or eleven days an unknown suspect(s) stole a Ruger .380 LCP handgun from her residence. This case remains under investigation (509).

On 29 Jul 13 the Newport Fire Department transported Loren Ewing, age 47, 2185 Sandhill Road, Marietta, to Marietta Memorial Hospital for treatment to injuries suffered when he was run over by a farm sized utility tractor. The tractor was driverless and idling when it began to coast down a hill on Mr. Ewing's property. Mr. Ewing and one of his brothers attempted to grab the tractor's steering wheel but slipped on wet grass and fell to the ground. The tractor's rear left tire then ran over Mr. Ewing's back, leaving him with bruising and severe shoulder pain. Medical personnel stated they do no believe Mr. Ewing suffered any serious injuries (1010).

On 29 Jul 13 a manager at Par Mar #33, 3355 State Route 821, Marietta, reported she believes an employee, who worked the dayshift on 24 Jul and who has allegedly stolen money from the cash register in the past, stole a package of Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion tickets worth $200. This case remains under investigation (610).

On 29 Jul 13 a forty-eight year old Marietta resident reported he was at a gas station in Marietta when an acquaintance threatened him. The victim was witness against the suspect in a criminal case several years ago that resulted in the suspect serving a jail term. This case remains under investigation (126).

On 29 Jul 13 John L. Robbins, age 66, 216 Longacre Street, Marietta, reported he was mowing his yard when his neighbor’s Jack Russell Terrier escaped his fencing and attacked him. Mr. Robbins said the dog, which bit him on the ankle, has acted aggressively toward him and others in the past. A passing neighbor corralled the dog and placed it inside its owner’s residence. The dog did not break the skin when it bit Mr. Robbins. This case remains under investigation (126).

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