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Archive of 06-17-13

On 17 Jun 13 Peggy L. Palmer, age 58, 1017 Third Street, Marietta, reported sometime during the past three weeks an unknown suspect(s) entered a vacant home she owns at 1045 Bethel Road, Marietta. No property was stolen but the suspect(s) vandalized the inside of the home, spray painting graffiti, defacing walls with markers and pouring cleaning supplies throughout the home. This case remains under investigation (1010).

On 17 Jun 13 Deputy Sheriff Reeder requested summonses for Jodie D. Miller, age 30, 27360 State Route 7 Lot 17, Marietta, and her brother, Derek D. Miller, age 33, 1080 Walsh Road, Vincent, for disorderly conduct by fighting. Initially arguing over an unwelcome houseguest, the siblings later quarreled over how Ms. Miller was disciplining her daughter. During the argument at the Speedway Race Track, Ms. Miller threw her brother's grill to the ground, prompting Mr. Miller to push her with his chest. That action caused Ms. Miller to fall to the ground. Ms. Miller picked up the unwelcome houseguest, Ebony N. Burks, age 32, 232 14th Street, Elyria, OH, up from the Washington County Jail several days earlier and said she was no longer welcome because she was rude to everyone she met and would drink all day. Ms. Miller said her family members would not allow Ms. Burks to stay with them either. Questioned by Lt. Stackpole, Ms. Burks appeared intoxicated and said she'd been consuming vodka most of the day. Ms. Burks agreed to leave a Miller residence on Woodruff Road in Vincent and was transported by cab to the local bus station. However, the cab returned a short while later with Ms. Burks and the cab driver stated his passenger was refusing to pay the fare. Informed she was not permitted to remain at the residence, Ms. Burks replied “you're going to have to take me to jail, because I'm not going anywhere.” Lt. Stackpole then arrested Ms. Burks for disorderly conduct by intoxication and transported her to the Washington County Jail.

On 17 Jun 13 the shop manager at Mid-Ohio Valley Bulk Transport, 16380 State Route 7, Marietta, reported while he was repairing a semi-truck he discovered a cigarette package that contained seven marijuana roaches. It is not known to whom the contraband belonged. Deputy Sheriff Blamble collected the items and marked them for destruction.

On 17 Jun 13 David L. Florence, age 42, 77 West Branch Road, Little Hocking, reported several of his neighbor’s cattle escaped their fencing and damaged an area of his planted corn. Last year, Mr. Florence said the same neighbor’s cattle damaged approximately 50% of his sixteen acres of crops. Consequently, Sgt. Anderson requested a summons for Don H. Dunfee, age 46, 703 S. Broadway Street, Racine, OH, for allowing his cattle to remain at large.

On 17 Jun 13 David A. Hansen, age 35, 44534 State Route 800, Woodsfield, reported he rented a Stihl cutoff saw for a friend to use at a jobsite in Barlow and his friend has yet to return the item. This case remains under investigation (713).

On 17 Jun 13 Zachary Hughes, age 19, 885 Bethel Road, Marietta, reported he was visiting friend on a porch at a residence on Forshey Road when a neighborhood teenager interrupted them. For an unknown reason, the teenager attempted to spray WD40 on the people on the porch. When the WD40 was wrestled away from him, the teenager attempted to squirt algaecide on everyone and hit Mr. Hughes in the eye with it. This case remains under investigation (126).

On 17 Jun 13 Lisa Ferguson, age 28, 526 Lowell Hill Road, Waterford, reported sometime during the past two weeks an unknown suspect(s) stole a circular saw, a pair of ATV ramps and a 5.5 horsepower engine from her property. This case remains under investigation (509).

On 17 Jun 13 Leilani Fortney, age 35, 200 Martin Road, Reno, was on the telephone with a Marietta Municipal Court official when the court official heard a male subject shouting loudly in the background. Questioned at her residence, Ms. Fortney said her boyfriend was upset and yelling at her because she did not fill their vehicle up with gasoline while she was in town. Ms. Fortney’s boyfriend said no threats were made and no altercation took place and stated he did not realize his girlfriend was on the phone when he was yelling. Based on his investigation, Sgt. Anderson closed this case as unfounded.

On 17 Jun 13 Deputy Sheriffs Holbert and Reeder responded to a domestic dispute at 2080 Wynncrest Drive, Marietta. Jack Briesemeister, age 46, was in an argument with his wife over their disintegrating marriage and Mr. Briesemeister was upset that his wife was packing her belongings to move out of the residence. While doing so, Mrs. Briesemeister broke some of her personal belongings because she was also upset. Deputy Reeder concluded this case did not fit the criteria for a domestic violence charge and closed this case as unfounded.

On 17 Jun 13 Jack A. Pruim, age 60, 153 County Road 1, South Point, OH, was backing a box truck in the back lot of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 309 Fourth Street, Marietta, when the truck caught and tore down hanging lines. The accident did not cause serious damage. No injuries were reported (126).

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

David Michael Untied, age 49, 9015 Raiders Road, Frazeyburg, OH, for passing bad checks, a felony. Untied was arrested on Interstate 77 by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 13 at 12:30 am.

Chris Dale Jorvig, age 30, 723 Center Street, Beverly, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Jorvig was arrested in Marietta by Patrolman Blasko of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 16 at 3:30 pm.

Ebony Nicole Burks, age 32, 232 14th Street, Elyria, OH, for disorderly conduct by intoxication, a misdemeanor. Burks was arrested on Woodruff Road by Deputy Sheriff Reeder and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 16 at 7:36 pm.

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