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Archive of 04-12-13

On 12 Apr 13 Lisa Gibson, age 44, 1080 Walsh Road, Vincent, reported being involved in a dispute with her live-in boyfriend. Intoxicated after drinking throughout the evening, Ms. Gibson said an argument erupted and she threw an ashtray that shattered against a wall. Ms. Gibson stated her boyfriend grabbed her and the two fell onto a bed, causing a picture frame to fall and break. Ms. Gibson cut her hand cleaning up the glass but did not require medical attention. Both parties agreed they were equally at fault and did not fear for their safety. As a result, Deputy Sheriff Reeder closed this case as unfounded.

On 12 Apr 13 Yvonne M. Duskey, age 28, 228 Greene Street, Marietta, reported she was walking in the area of 20825 State Route 550, Marietta, the previous evening when a male acquaintance and his female friend exited a passing vehicle and initiated a confrontation. Ms. Duskey said the female shoved her to the ground and began to slap and kick her while the male held her hands. Eventually able to escape, Ms. Duskey said her assailants fled to a nearby home. After consideration, Ms. Duskey declined to pursue the matter further (126).

On 12 Apr 13 Todd A. Burer, age 21, 11510 State Route 821, Lower Salem, was attempting to park in the lot of Dollar General in Lowell when he struck a concrete parking barrier. The collision caused moderate, functional damage to the front driver side fender of Mr. Burer’s Toyota pickup truck (1104).

On 12 Apr 13 Karen Statkiewicz, age 31, 253 Lake Road, Vincent, reported the father of one of her children, Daniel S. Metz, age 42, 101 Allen Street, Little Hocking, was consuming alcohol while visiting her residence and became verbally abusive. Arriving at the scene, Deputy Sheriff R. Reeder learned Mr. Metz had active warrants for failure to register a dog and for failing to confine/restrain a dog. Consequently, Deputy Reeder arrested Mr. Metz for the active warrants. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Metz was also found in possession of a marijuana pipe, resulting in him being additionally charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Mr. Metz returned to Ms. Statkiewicz’s residence on 14 Apr and yelled at Ms. Statkiewicz and pounded on the side of the home. After Mr. Metz left the property Ms. Statkiewicz observed two holes in the side of her home. Therefore, Deputy Huffer requested a summons for Mr. Metz for criminal damaging.

On 12 Apr 13 Deputy Sheriff Huffer issued a citation to Kelly J. Barnes, age 43, 433 Reynolds Run Road, Newport, for driving under an FRA suspended license. Deputy Huffer stopped Ms. Barnes on State Route 7 near milepost thirty-seven in Newport.

On 12 Apr 13 Tiffany A. McIntyre, age 23, 3600 Warren Chapel Road, Marietta, reported the morning of 9 Apr she noticed a laptop computer, an iPod and approximately $15 were stolen from her home. This case remains under investigation (509).

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Benjamin Gordon Wolfe, age 27, 1215 Putnam Howe Drive, Belpre, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Wolfe was arrested at his residence by Patrolman Heddleston of the Belpre City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 12 Apr 13 at 6:55 pm.

Daniel Scott Metz, age 42, 101 Allen Street, Little Hocking, for failure to register a dog, for failing to confine/restrain a dog and for possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors. Metz was arrested on Lake Road by Deputy Sheriff R. Reeder and processed into the Washington County Jail on 12 Apr 13 at 9:00 pm.

Carlos Maurice Oates, age 28, 2810 Craydon Boulevard West, Columbus, for OVI and failure to appear, both misdemeanors. Oates was apprehended by a bail bondsman and processed into the Washington County Jail on 12 Apr 13 at 10:55 pm.

Amanda Asia Wallace, age 18, 231 E. Faye Avenue, Marietta, for theft, a misdemeanor. Wallace was arrested at K-Mart by Patrolman Caldwell of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 12 Apr 13 at 11:00 pm.

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