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Archive of 06-23-11

On 23 Jun 11 Michael W. Singer, age 53, 363 Clark Road, Cutler, reported he and his girlfriend awoke at 2 am to see his ex-wife, Lillie B. Singer, age 51, 11827 State Route 555, Cutler, standing above his bed, holding a tire iron. Mr. Singer said his ex-wife was holding the tire iron above her head and demanded that he pay money that he owes her. Eventually leaving the residence, Ms. Singer used the tire iron to break a window on Mr. Singer’s girlfriend’s car and then struck the vehicle’s trunk and scratched the car’s side. Responding to the residence, Deputy Sheriff Anderson observed pry marks on the home’s front door. Mr. Singer and his girlfriend commented that they were in imminent fear for their safety and stated that Ms. Singer threatened to commit violent acts against them upon her release from jail. Consequently, Deputy Anderson arrested Ms. Singer for aggravated burglary, aggravated menacing, domestic violence and criminal damaging and transported her to the Washington County Jail.

On 23 Jun 11 an employee of Leasco, 18417 State Route 7, Marietta, reported sometime overnight an unknown suspect(s) entered the company’s lot and cut the catalytic converters off nine of the business’ trucks. This case remains under investigation (790).

On 23 Jun 11 Sgt. Hornbeck requested a summons for Robert P. Piggott, age 40, 3740 Braun Road, Belpre, for criminal trespassing and telephone harassment. The previous day a forty-two year old Belpre resident reported Mr. Piggott was harassing her via phone, text message and in person. The victim said the suspect blames her for his marital problems and has ignored her previous requests to not contact her or visit her home and business.

On 23 Jun 11 Deputy Sheriff Reeder requested a summons for Joseph H. Bui, age 33, 127 Greene Street Apt. C, Newport, for criminal trespassing. A day earlier the daughter of Mr. Bui’s neighbor reported Mr. Bui was in her mother’s apartment when she visited it to feed her dogs. Nothing was reported stolen from the apartment.

On 23 Jun 11 Sgt. Hornbeck issued a citation to Aaron M. Henderson, age 18, 303 Fisher Road, Fleming, for traveling 74 mph in a 60 mph zone. Sgt. Hornbeck stopped Mr. Henderson on US 50 near Drag Strip Road in Belpre Township.

MCTF Arrest Three in Florida Shipping Prescription Pills to Washington County

A two month investigation into the shipment of prescription narcotics to Washington County culminated with the arrest of three suspects in Marion County, FL. Task Force Agents have been investigating several individuals who were shipping prescription pills such as Dilaudid, Lortab, and Alprazolam from Florida to Ohio so that the pills could be resold for larger profits. Prior to this week Agents intercepted a total of 1,007 pills, with an estimated street value of $18,400, that were mailed to an address in Washington County. The three suspects have been linked to outlaw motorcycle gangs operating in Florida and Ohio.

In cooperation with the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team, which is part of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program in North Florida, Agents on Wednesday arrested Mark Smith, age 38, Dunnellon, FL for four counts of drug trafficking and two counts of money laundering. The money laundering charges stem from the fact that Smith attempted to hide his illegal activity by having payments for the drug shipments wired to Florida in names of other individuals.

Also on Wednesday, Major Crimes Task Force Agents identified two other individuals who were involved in operations with Smith. Strike Team and Task Force Agents stopped these individuals as they were at a Florida Post Office attempting to mail two packages of narcotics to Ohio. One package, which was marked for delivery to a home in Washington County, contained 263 Dilaudid pills that have a street value of nearly $7,000. The suspect attempting to mail the package to Washington County, Howard Nobles, age 29, Dunnellon, FL, admitted he was working under the direction of Mark Smith and stated he previously mailed packages to three other homes in Washington County. He remains in custody in Marion County, FL on drug trafficking charges.

The other suspect, Jeffery Kirk, age 45, Dunnellon, FL, was attempting to mail a package to northern Ohio. That package contained 150 pills that have a street value of nearly $3,500. He was arrested on an outstanding DEA warrant that was related to a traffic stop during in Tennessee. During the stop Kirk was found to be in possession of nearly 1,700 prescription pills and was reportedly en route to Ohio with the pills.

In addition to the pills seized at the post office, 1,200 prescription pills were confiscated during the execution of search warrants at the residences of Smith and Kirk.

the Sheriff’s Office received the following warrants:

Peter A. Bowersock, age 26, 25675 State Route 260, New Matamoras, for failure to appear at a court ordered hearing on unpaid fines in the sum of $556.40.

Jerry D. Coleman, age 50, 7188 S. Dale Road, Stockport, for failing to appear to serve ten days in jail.

Doreen A. Freeman, age 52, 35332 Hanson Road, Beverly, for the theft of $20 in gasoline from the Lowell Duchess on 20 May 11.

Joshua A. Martin, age 24, 240 Francis Road, Lowell, for failure to appear at a court ordered hearing on unpaid fines in the sum of $2,005.90.

Donald E. Sharp, age 31, 301 Main Street, Waterford, for failure to appear at a court ordered hearing on unpaid fines in the sum of $419.90.

Jennifer I. Thorpe, age 32, 650 E. Mark Street, Marion, OH, for possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia on 29 Apr 11.

Fred L. Schob, age 42, 9243 Muskingum River Road, Lowell, for failing to appear for pretrial on 21 Jun 11.

Vickie M. Thompson, age 28, 300 Starlite Drive Lot 40, Marietta, for disorderly conduct by intoxication on 14 Jun 11.

The following individual was processed into the Washington County Jail:

Lillie Belle Singer, age 51, 11827 State Route 555, Cutler, for a felony charge of burglary and for misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, aggravated menacing and criminal damaging. Singer was arrested in Cutler by Deputy Sheriff Anderson and processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jun 11 at 3:58 am.

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