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Archive of 05-02-11

On 2 May 11 Roger Gearhart, age 64, 8485 State Route 26, Marietta, reported he was away from his residence between 5 pm and 9:15 pm and during that time he believes an acquaintance hotwired a tractor in a barn to gain access to an ATV. Mr. Gearhart said the Suzuki ATV belongs to a friend and was stolen after being pushed through a field to Tittle Run Road. This case remains under investigation (594).

On 2 May 11 Shannon Camino, age 38, 3500 Millers Lane, Reno, fled her home along with her thirteen year old son and sixteen year old daughter following a frightening encounter with her husband Christopher, age 39. Intoxicated and arguing with his wife for filing for divorce, Mr. Camino launched a barrage of obscenities at his wife before he started screaming at his son. As Mrs. Camino attempted to escape with her son, Mr. Camino grabbed him by the neck. After her son was released, Mrs. Camino blocked a doorway to impede her husband from pursuing him, at which point Mr. Camino again began yelling at his wife. Mrs. Camino exited the residence as her daughter drove into their driveway and she departed with her children from there. Arriving at the scene, Sgt. Hornbeck and Deputy Sheriffs Carr and Reeder observed Mr. Camino seated on a couch with a shotgun between his legs, pointing it at the ceiling. Mr. Camino abruptly stood with the weapon, walked out of the room and returned ten minutes later and surrendered to the Deputies. Mr. Camino was arrested without further incident and charged with handling a weapon while intoxicated and two counts of domestic violence. At the Washington County Jail Mr. Camino tested .148 BAC.

On 2 May 11 an employee of Virco Well Service, 28407 State Route 7, Marietta, reported sometime between 22 Apr and 24 Apr an unknown suspect(s) stole eight pump jacks from the company’s storage lot on Porter Run Road in Newport. The employee said the estimated cost of the stolen items is $6,400. This case remains under investigation (1184).

On 2 May 11 Kelly N. Griffis, age 24, West Hornsby Road, Coolville, reported she was involved in a minor dispute with the father of her child at his residence in Marietta. Ms. Griffis said she was not harmed during the incident and at no time did she fear for her safety. As a result, Deputy Sheriff Simmons closed this case as unfounded.

On 2 May 11 Deputy Sheriff Anderson requested a summons for a seventeen year old Marietta resident to appear in Juvenile Court for being delinquent. At the Washington County Career Center that morning the school’s principal was counseling the juvenile for playing his car stereo too loudly when he observed a can of snuff in the juvenile’s pocket. The principal informed the student that the tobacco was not permitted on school grounds and that according to school policy he could now search his vehicle. The teenager then stated he had two firearms in the trunk of his vehicle that he forgot to remove after target shooting over the weekend. The juvenile, who did not brandish the weapons or make any threats to use them, said he remembered the .22 rifles were in his trunk while he was driving to school that morning. If committed by an adult, the offense charged would be possession of a firearm in a school zone.

On 2 May 11 the owner of Summers Motors, 1000 Pike Street, Marietta, reported sometime over the weekend an unknown suspect(s) removed the catalytic converters from six vehicles parked in the rear of the business. This case remains under investigation (1184).

On 2 May 11 Sylvia Scott, age 46, 2803 Frame Drive, Belpre, reported the owner of Lang’s Storage, 95 State Route 339, Belpre, contacted her the day before and informed her the lock was missing from her storage unit. Taking inventory of her belongings, Ms. Scott determined two boxes of collectibles, two saws and various hand tools were missing from the storage unit. This case remains under investigation (610).

The following individual was processed into the Washington County Jail:

Christopher Michael Camino, age 39, 3500 Millers Lane, Reno, for using a weapon while intoxicated and for two counts of domestic violence, all misdemeanors. Camino was arrested at his residence by Deputy Sheriff Carr and processed into the Washington County Jail on 2 May 11 at 11:16 pm.

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