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Archive of 09-08-10

On 8 Sep 10 Lori A. Oliver, age 40, 127 River Road, Marietta, reported her live-in boyfriend of fifteen years, Michael S. Davis, age 43, had been drinking for the past two days and threatened several times. Ms. Oliver said Mr. Davis exclaimed that he would knock her head off and bury her in the yard and that when she attempted to phone for help he twisted her arm to remove the phone from her hand. Based on his investigation, Deputy Sheriff Simmons arrested Mr. Davis for domestic violence and transported him to the Washington County Jail. At the jail Mr. Davis tested .323 BAC.

On 8 Sep 10 Starlyn Nunn, age 58, 121 Brant Drive, Marietta, reported she and her husband noticed the license plate, Ohio number SRK 2941, was missing from a utility trailer they own. Mr. and Mrs. Nunn were unsure if the license plate was stolen sometime between 3 Sep and 6 Sep or if it fell off the trailer while being transported to/from their property on Pam Road in New Matamoras. This case remains under investigation (712).

On 8 Sep 10 Lori Leedy, age 45, 9550 State Route 550, Vincent, reported sometime around the end of August an unknown suspect(s) entered her home and stole a .22 handgun, a twelve gauge shotgun, a GPS unit, a scope, six pocket knives, two diamond rings, two belt buckles and approximately $300 of collectible coins. This case remains under investigation (1090).

On 8 Sep 10 Tina M. Britton, age 38, 609 Fourth Street, New Matamoras, reported she was packing her belongings in preparation to move from her home when the mother of her daughter’s boyfriend initiated a verbal confrontation with her. Shortly thereafter the woman’s daughter, Kellie Williams, age 20, 712 Fourth Street, New Matamoras, appeared from an upstairs bedroom where she was helping her brother pack. Seeing the argument, Ms. Williams immediately attacked Ms. Britton, grabbed her by the hair and threw her against the window. Ms. Britton broke the window and fell to the floor where Ms. Williams continued to strike her until a bystander intervened. Interviewed by Deputy Sheriff Holbert at her residence, Ms. Williams admitted shoving Ms. Britton into a window but claimed she did so only after she stepped between Ms. Britton and her mother and Ms. Britton kicked her in the stomach. While Deputy Holbert and Lt. Gherke explained that the circumstances of the situation warranted the arrest of Ms. Williams, Ms. Williams’ fiancé Robert Lohr, age 19, immediately questioned their decision and stated he has anger issues. Mr. Lohr then stated “you might as well take me to jail too” because he was going to harm the residents at the Britton’s home as soon as the Deputies left. Even before the Deputies departed Mr. Lohr began walking next door and repeatedly ignored the commands to cease his actions and only did so after being warned with a Taser. Consequently, Deputy Holbert arrested Mr. Lohr for obstructing official business. Along with Ms. Williams, who was arrested for assault, Mr. Lohr was transported to the Washington County Jail.

The following individual was processed into the Washington County Jail:

Michael Shane Davis, age 43, 127 River Road, Marietta, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Davis was arrested at his residence by Sgt. Underwood of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 8 Sep 10 at 1:30 am.

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