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Archive of 08-26-10

On 26 Aug 10 Sgt. Thorpe and Deputy Sheriff Thorpe responded to a possible domestic dispute at 4117 Dixon Ridge Road, Lowell. The Deputies determined the incident was only a verbal disagreement between a husband and wife and that no threat or act of domestic violence took place.

On 26 Aug 10 the Beverly Fire Department transported Scott M. Greathouse, age 40, 125 Francis Road, Lowell, to Marietta Memorial Hospital following an ATV crash in the area of 2311 Plum Run Road. A passenger on the ATV stated Mr. Greathouse was attempting to climb a steep hill at a slow rate of speed and when he applied the brakes the ATV rolled backwards and landed on Mr. Greathouse’s left side. While Mr. Greathouse suffered minor injuries, his passenger was uninjured (1293).

On 26 Aug 10 Amanda Stacy, age 31, 6784 State Route 821, Whipple, reported an argument with her husband Keith, age 40, broke out shortly after she picked him up from a bar earlier in the evening. Mr. Stacy’s yelling began in their vehicle and continued when the two arrived at their residence. Throwing kitchen items and slamming the freezer door, Mr. Stacy cornered his wife as she held their young daughter. As the incident progressed Mr. Stacy struck his wife in the leg and slapped her across the face. Thereafter Mrs. Stacy escaped and was able to phone for help. Confirming Mrs. Stacy’s account with a witness, Deputy Sheriff Travaglio arrested Mr. Stacy for domestic violence and transported him to the Washington County Jail.

On 26 Aug 10 Sgt. Hornbeck issued a citation to Ashley E. Streight, age 19, 87 Johnson Lane, Saint Marys, WV, for failure to obey a traffic control device. Sgt. Hornbeck stopped Ms. Streight after she failed to stop at a red light at the intersection of State Route 60 and Walnut Street in Lowell.

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Jesse Nathan Wright, age 30, 911 Latrobe Street Apt. B, Parkersburg, for failure to appear, a felony. Wright was picked up at the North Central Regional Jail by Deputy Sheriff O’Brien and processed into the Washington County Jail on 26 Aug 10 at 10:45 am.

Brett Sumner Edwards, age 20, 1324 Colonial Drive, Marietta, for violating the terms of his probation, a misdemeanor. Edwards was arrested at his residence by Probation Officer Brockmeier and processed into the Washington County Jail on 26 Aug 10 at 11:45 am.

Keith Michael Stacy, age 40, 6874 State Route 821, Whipple, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Stacy was arrested at his residence by Deputy Sheriff Travaglio and processed into the Washington County Jail on 26 Aug 10 at 11:35 pm.

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