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Archive of 06-17-10

On 17 Jun 10 David L. Tennant, age 33, 328 Second Street, Parkersburg, struck a deer as he traveled northbound on State Route 60 near Masonic Park Road in Muskingum Township. The deer bounded from the side of the roadway into the passenger side of the Ford Crown Victoria owned by the Wood County Commission and caused functional damage. Mr. Tennant reported no injuries (1090).

On 17 Jun 10 Jacqueline M. Biggs, age 39, 1873 Highland Ridge Road, Lowell, reported her husband Kevin, age 46, became enraged over a high cable/telephone bill and an argument commenced. Mrs. Biggs attempted to calm her husband but he became even more angry, took a hammer a smashed her Blackberry and used a glass to shatter the screen of their computer monitor. Unable to phone for help because her husband cut the wires to their cable and internet, Mrs. Biggs attempted to flee the residence in her vehicle. As she attempted to back from her garage, Mrs. Biggs said her husband approached the vehicle to keep her from leaving by hitting the side of the SUV. Mrs. Biggs continued to back and lost sight of her husband before hearing a hard hit on the vehicle. Stopping the vehicle, Mrs. Biggs found her husband lying on the ground and thereafter flagged down a passing vehicle for help. Mr. Biggs was treated and released from, Marietta Memorial for minor injuries. He was subsequently arrested for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 17 Jun 10 an employee at WASCO reported a twenty-seven year old Lowell resident wrote a letter indicating she was being abused by her father. Interviewed by Deputy Sheriff Smeeks, the victim, who has the mental capacity of a thirteen year old, stated a month ago her father grabbed her by the arms to keep her from leaving the residence by herself. The victim said he retaliated by biting her father and he subsequently slapped her. The victim’s father verified his daughter’s statement and further elaborated by saying that his daughter is not permitted to leave on her own because he fears she will get into trouble. He also said he has been attending counseling with his daughter in an attempt to resolve their conflicts. Unable to find any evidence of a crime, Deputy Smeeks closed this case as unfounded.

On 17 Jun 10 Deputy Sheriff Smeeks requested a summons for a fifteen year old Lowell resident to appear in Juvenile Court on a charge of delinquency by domestic violence. The teenager’s mother reported her daughter was upset because she would not take her to the library and turned “spastic,” yelling and chasing her younger brothers, saying she would harm them. At that point the juvenile punched her mother in the shoulder. When questioned, the teenager said she had not taken the medication prescribed to her for her anger issues and admitted punching her mother.

On 17 Jun 10 Lt. Stackpole and Deputy Sheriff McLeish located a sixteen year old who was reported as a runaway from a children’s shelter in West Virginia. After spending several nights outside the juvenile said she rode a bus to Marietta to stay with her cousin on Sandhill Road. Lt. Stackpole contacted authorities in West Virginia and arranged for them to pick up the teenager.

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Charles Lewis Sexton Jr., age 47, 15708 McConnelsville Road, Caldwell, for aggravated burglary, theft and for disrupting public service, all felonies. Sexton was picked up at the Noble Correctional Institution by Deputy Sheriff Malone and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 10 at 10:50 am.

Julie Ann Hupp, age 33, 715 Wayne Street, Marietta, for trafficking in drugs, a felony. Hupp was picked up at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville by Deputy Sheriff Malone and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 10 at 2:58 pm.

Charles Ted Mullins, age 33, 7225 Hawk Road, New Marshfield, OH, for OVI, for driving outside the marked lanes of travel and for possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors. Mullins was arrested on State Route 7 by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 10 at 5:40 pm.

Kevin Bruce Biggs, age 46, 1873 Highland Ridge Road, Lowell, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Biggs was arrested in Lowell by Deputy Sheriff Smeeks and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 10 at 6:30 pm.

Donald Ray Meador, age 59, 310 Main Street, New Matamoras, for contempt for failing to pay fines, a misdemeanor. Meador was arrested in New Matamoras by Chief Bourne of the New Matamoras Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 17 Jun 10 at 7:04 pm.

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