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Archive of 12-04-09

On 4 Dec 09 Deputy Sheriff Carr requested a summons for Latoya R. Clifton, age 21, 14983 State Route 26, Reno, for disorderly conduct. Awakened by her mother yelling at her sister for missing the school bus, Ms. Clifton then became the target of her mother’s ire for moving into the residence two months ago with her three children and for not helping pay any bills. In retaliation, Ms. Clifton threw a lamp and attempted to drive away from the home despite the fact that she does not have a valid license.

On 4 Dec 09 Deputy Sheriff Carr and the L-A Fire Department were dispatched to a fire at the home of Linda Delancey, age 49, at 188 Cats Creek Road, Lowell. Ms. Delancey and the home’s other occupants escaped unscathed from the first floor of the residence. The house was deemed a total loss.

On 4 Dec 09 Samuel Christopher Jr., age 39, 470 Tick Ridge Road, Vincent, reported when he returned home after being out of town for several days a sixteen foot utility trailer was missing from his property. Shortly after Deputy Anderson arrived he noticed reflective sticker near the bottom of a hill atop which the trailer was parked. Trudging to the bottom of the hill, Mr. Christopher verified the object observed was his trailer and surmised it must have been blown over the hill during a recent wind storm.

On 4 Dec 09 Deputy Sheriff Carr requested a summons for Jennifer L. Carpenter, age 22, 814 Saint Marys Avenue, Marietta, for assault and criminal mischief. Angry at comments a former co-worker at Influent allegedly made concerning her recently deceased infant, Ms. Carpenter attacked Kayla Cline, age 23, 206 Jefferson Square, Marietta, between two parked vehicles in the Influent parking lot. Witnesses stated Ms. Carpenter charged at Ms. Cline, struck and kneed her several times and put her in a choke hold. When questioned, Ms. Carpenter said she had no remorse for attacking Ms. Cline and believed she deserved worse. During the brawl a Honda Element owned by another Influent employee sustained minor damage.

On 4 Dec 09 Carol A. Wriston, age 59, 2357 Blue Knob Road, Marietta, reported a large sum of cash was stolen from a lock box in her closet sometime between 12 Nov and 4 Dec. This case remains under investigation (200).

On 4 Dec 09 Sgt. Underwood and Deputy Sheriff Anderson responded to a 911 hang up call at 2050 Braun Road, Belpre. One of the home’s residents, Thomas Cochran, age 43, informed the Deputies that his daughter recently learned how to call 911 and dialed for help after overhearing her parents being involved in a heated disagreement. Unable to find evidence that a crime, Sgt. Underwood closed this case as unfounded.

The following individual wAS processed into the Washington County Jail:

Travis Lee Klein, age 20, 188 Dawes Circle, Marietta, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Klein was arrested in Marietta by Patrolman Wenzel of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 4 Dec 09 at 10:56 am.

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