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Archive of 09-23-09

On 23 Sep 09 Kimberlee Gardine, age 44, 16000 State Route 821, Macksburg, reported sometime during the past twenty-four hours an unknown suspect(s) entered a storage building on her property. From inside the building the suspect(s) stole four car speakers, various hand tools and a tackle box. This case remains under investigation (1104).

On 23 Sep 09 Deputy Sheriffs Mayle and Smeeks were dispatched to 50 Flint Run Road, Waterford, in response to a domestic dispute involving Linda Miller, age 33, and her husband Christopher, age 38. Arguing over the placement of a battery charger, Mr. Miller began to let air out of the tires of his wife’s vehicle. Mrs. Miller retaliated by beginning to let the air out of the tires on her husband’s vehicle. Eventually Mr. and Mrs. Miller decided to cease their actions and separate for the evening. Neither party reported being in fear for their safety nor did they intentionally attempt to harm each other. Citing a previous altercation at the residence on 19 Sep, Deputy Mayle issued minor misdemeanor citations to Mr. and Mrs. Miller for disorderly conduct by fighting.

On 23 Sep 09 the Little Hocking Fire Department transported three Belpre residents to Camden Clark Hospital for treatment and evaluation. Upset over the recent arrest of her husband for a sex crime, an eighteen year old ingested an overdose of her depression medication Trazodone. Commiserating with his daughter in law, the sixty-eight year old man said he tried to relieve the tension he felt by repeatedly striking his head against a wall and a refrigerator. The other involved party, the eighteen year old’s husband who was charged with a sex offense, said he lost control and broke a barstool. He then took the leg of the stool and struck himself in the back, causing lacerations.

On 23 Sep 09 Deputy Sheriff Mayle issued a minor misdemeanor citation to Timothy R. King, age 20, 506 McDonald Road, Waterford, for disorderly conduct. Mr. King’s mother reported her son was upset that she stated he should be living on his own and that she wouldn’t buy him cigarettes. Mr. King began screaming and cussing at his mother and at one point held a knife to his throat. Mr. King subsequently informed Deputy Mayle he had no intention of harming himself.

The following individual was processed into the Washington County Jail:

Kenneth Harold Epps, age 48, 122 Sunset Lane, Marietta, for violating the terms of his probation, a felony. Epps was arrested at his residence by Probation Officer Gault and processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Sep 09 at 2:05 pm.

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