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Archive of 04-23-09

On 23 Apr 09 Caldwell emergency services transported a twenty-seven year old Macksburg resident to Marietta Memorial Hospital to receive treatment for a cut to her left forearm. The victim was speaking on the phone with her husband while repairing a vacuum cleaner with a knife and became increasingly frustrated. The victim said she jerked her hand in anger, not remembering the knife was in her hand and cut her arm. She said she had no desire to end her life or to intentionally harm herself in any way (1001).

On 23 Apr 09 Michelle Casto, age 32, 824 West Main Street, Pomeroy, reported she and her husband moved from their former residence at 310 Beckers Lane in Lowell but still have belongings at the location. Mrs. Casto state sometime during the past four days an unknown suspect(s) entered a camper and storage building on the property and stole four sleeping bags, two air mattresses, an inflatable couch, campfire cooking pans, three tents, two toolboxes full of tools and miscellaneous figurines. The total estimated loss is approximately $715. This case remains under investigation (805).

On 23 Apr 09 the Little Hocking Fire Department transported a fifty year old Little Hocking resident to Camden Clark Hospital following an overdose on prescription drugs. A relative reported finding his sister lying on her bathroom floor and semi-responsive. At the hospital the victim later said she took six or seven Klonopin pills and applied two Duragesic Fentanyl patches to her skin (594).

On 23 Apr 09 the vice president of Bartlett Farmer’s Bank, 8515 State Route 339, Vincent, reported the bank received a counterfeit $10 bill, both of which bore the same serial number, in deposits from White Oak Pharmacy and from the Warren High School kitchen. This case remains under investigation (1090).

On 23 Apr 09 Kristopher Simms, age 36, 101 Warren Heights Drive, Marietta, reported when he arrived home he noticed a dead tree had been dragged to and was left straddling the property line he shares with Theodore Miller, age 86, 17043 State Route 550, Marietta. Despite the fact that a surveyor determined a fence was on Mr. Simms’ property, Mr. Miller is upset that Mr. Simms removed the fence. Mr. Simms said there is an ongoing dispute between him and Mr. Miller and that he went to his neighbor’s residence to ask him about the tree. Mr. Miller replied that he left the tree there because Mr. Simms removed the fence. After Mr. Simms turned to leave Mr. Miller pointed to a rifle on his porch and said “get off my property, I don’t want to use that.” Fearing for his safety, Mr. Simms quickly returned to his home. Following his investigation, Deputy Sheriff Reeder requested a summons for Mr. Miller for aggravated menacing.

On 23 Apr 09 the owner of Schott’s Garage, 5503 State Route 821, Whipple, reported sometime overnight an unknown suspect(s) stole two Freightliner truck tire rims from behind the business. This case remains under investigation (945).

On 23 Apr 09 Deputy Sheriff Smeeks requested a summons for Lucas Z. Mowery, age 21, 53145 State Route 681, Reedsville, for contributing to the unruliness of a minor. After the parents of a sixteen year old Little Hocking resident discovered their daughter was pregnant they found out the teenager sneaked out of their house numerous times to meet Mr. Mowery. Due to the fact that the teenager disobeyed house rules and left her home without permission, Deputy Smeeks requested a summons for the juvenile to appear in Juvenile Court for being unruly.

The following individual wAS processed into the Washington County Jail:

Brad Elliott Soule, age 24, 2973 Harrisburg Road NE, Canton, for possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors. Soule was arrested near milepost three on State Route 60 by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Apr 09 at 1:35 am.

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