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Archive of 03-07-09

On 7 Mar 09 Donald H. Frampton, age 72, 129 Seneca Drive, Marietta, reported on 5 Feb he wrote a $1,800 check to an individual to remove a tree in his yard and the individual has ignored his repeated requests to return and fulfill the contract. This case remains under investigation (296).

On 7 Mar 09 the Beverly-Waterford squad transported a female and two males to Marietta Memorial Hospital following a minor ATV accident on property owned by the Pioneer Motorcycle Club located near the intersection of Angle and Muskingum River roads in Waterford Township. The incident occurred when the female driver and her passenger were thrown from one ATV when it rolled over into a ravine. The other male fell off the ATV on which he was a passenger when the driver stopped and turned abruptly after seeing the other ATV roll. The ATV then drove over the fallen passenger, causing minimal injury. All of the ATV riders are members of the club and were treated and released from the hospital (1106).

On 7 Mar 09 Deputy Sheriff Mankins transported a twenty-nine year old Beverly resident to Marietta Memorial Hospital for a mental health evaluation after responding to a 911 hang up call. At the caller’s residence the victim stated he was under a lot of pressure and had a drug problem and that he called 911 because he couldn’t shoot himself while looking at pictures of his children.

On 7 Mar 09 Christy Delaney, age 52, 106 Arborgate Drive, Marietta, reported she and her sister were walking on Dunedin Road that afternoon when two teenagers fired a pellet gun and struck her in the buttocks. Ms. Delaney said the juveniles cheered after apparently completing their feat, ran into a back yard and hid from her. Not injured, Ms. Delaney did not desire to pursue charges and was content that the father of the juveniles disposed of the pellet gun and disciplined the two boys.

On 7 Mar 09 Deputy Sheriff K. Travaglio issued a citation to Gary L. Murphy, age 60, 220 Kern Drive, Marietta, for failing to stop at a stop sign. Deputy Travaglio stopped Mr. Murphy after he failed to stop at the intersection of Kern Drive and State Route 676 in Marietta Township.

On 7 Mar 09 Deputy Sheriffs Norman and S. Travaglio responded to a report of an intoxicated male staggering along State Route 60 and carrying a brown paper bag possibly containing alcohol. Locating the suspect, identified as Everett L. Knighten, age 46, 249 Germantown Road, Lower Salem, near State Route 821, Deputy Travaglio noticed dirt and grass on Mr. Knighten’s clothing from where he apparently fell to the ground. Mr. Knighten appeared highly intoxicated and was in fact in possession of an open bottle of whiskey in the paper bag he carried. Asked why he was walking along the roadway, Mr. Knighten commented he lived alone and could not find a ride so he was walking back to his residence. For Mr. Knighten’s safety, Deputy Travaglio arrested him for disorderly conduct by intoxication and transported him to the Washington County Jail. At the jail Mr. Knighten tested .211 BAC.

On 7 Mar 09 David C. Padden, age 55, 786 Larkmead Road, Parkersburg, turned from Blue Knob into the right hand lane of southbound State Route 7 when a strap on his load of hay broke and caused several bales of hay to fall from his Ford F-150 into the roadway. Traveling in the left hand southbound lane, Barbara J. Wiley, age 65, 1604 Hill Street, Belpre, was unable to avoid the obstacles in the road and crashed into the bales of hay. Ms. Wiley was uninjured but her Chevy Caprice sustained functional damage and was towed from the scene (790).

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Deryl Edward Wilson Jr., age 39, 936 Fifth Street, Marietta, for violating the terms of a protection order, a misdemeanor. Wilson was arrested at the Locker Room by Patrolman Arbaugh of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 7 Mar 09 at 1:00 am.

Marty Lewan Bass, age 39, 702 Franklin Avenue, Belpre, for possession of drugs, a felony. Bass was arrested on Greene Street by Patrolman Arbaugh of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 7 Mar 09 at 2:20 am.

Stephen Ray Owens, age 55, 466 Owens Road, Coolville, for OVI and for driving outside the marked lanes of travel, both misdemeanors. Owens was arrested near milepost eight on State Route 7 by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and processed into the Washington County Jail on 7 Mar 09 at 4:50 am.

Jeffrey Alan Theiss, age 31, 27130 State Route 7, Marietta, for breach of recognizance, contempt of a court order and for theft, all misdemeanors. Theiss was arrested at 319 Seventh Street by Patrolman Chapman of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 7 Mar 09 at 5:15 am.

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