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Archive of 09-28-08

On 28 Sep 08 John Phillips, age 61, 250 Reed Road, Marietta, reported an unknown suspect scratched the front driver’s side fender of his vehicle while it was parked outside his workplace on Mill Creek Road in Marietta. This case remains under investigation (610).

On 28 Sep 08 Brooke Ward, age 35, 30 State Route 339, Belpre, reported being assaulted by her live-in boyfriend, Paul E. Riel Jr., age 43, and requested medical attention at her home. Following a brief argument over a DVD rental Ms. Ward said Mr. Riel threw her to the ground by her hair and repeatedly punched her in the stomach. Despite Mr. Riel’s claim that he struck Ms. Ward in the stomach with his car door because she was throwing rocks at his car, Deputy Sheriff S. Travaglio arrested Mr. Riel for domestic violence and transported him to the Washington County Jail.

On 28 Sep 08 Deputy Sheriff Mankins issued a citation to James E. Cottrill, age 34, 3085 State Route 26, Marietta, for operating an unsafe vehicle. Deputy Mankins stopped Mr. Cottrill on Greene Street in Marietta for pulling a trailer with a flat tire, without a license plate and with another about to lose its tread.

On 28 Sep 08 Fred L. Schob II, age 40, 9243 Muskingum River Road, Lowell, reported he believes an acquaintance took a 1993 Isuzu truck from his property without permission. This case remains under investigation (1106).

On 28 Sep 08 Eric Kidder, age 37, 1244 Drag Strip Road, Belpre, reported witnessing a male and a female fighting inside a vehicle as it traveled past his residence. Deputy Sheriff S. Travaglio located the vehicle in question at the park and ride on State Route 339 and interview the occupants. Neither individual exhibited injuries indicative of an altercation nor did they state they were involved in a fight. As a result, Deputy Travaglio closed this case as unfounded.

On 28 Sep 08 Deputy Sheriff Norman responded to a domestic violence report at 1045 Sandhill Road Lot 14, Marietta. The involved parties were uncooperative but Deputy Norman learned from witnesses that Billie G. Hogue Jr., age 41, had been arguing with his wife Shelda, age 46. Witnesses said they observed Mr. Hogue punch his wife, pull her hair and choke her. Informed by one of the Hogues’ children a fight was ongoing, Aaron Winer, age 23, 605 Mount Tom Road, Marietta, walked to the trailer from a nearby residence. Yelling and cussing as Mr. Winer approached, Mr. Hogue swung his fist and was struck by Mr. Winer. A brief skirmish occurred and ended after the two fell from Mr. Hogue’s porch onto concrete. For his role Mr. Winer was issued a citation for disorderly conduct by fighting. Based on witness statements Deputy Norman arrested Mr. Hogue for domestic violence and transported him to the Washington County Jail.

On 28 Sep 08 Virginia Matheny, age 39, 83 Oak Acres Circle, Washington, WV, reported being assaulted by the father of her child, Chad A. Moore, age 38, 105 Oak Drive, Little Hocking. Ms. Matheny said Mr. Moore has a history of abusing medication and she was concerned he locked himself in the bathroom of his residence. Able to unlock the door, Ms. Matheny said an argument ensued and Mr. Moore grabbed her by the hair. Another minor struggle occurred and Ms. Matheny fled the residence with her son. When questioned, Mr. Moore admitted grabbing Ms. Matheny because he was mad that she accused him of abusing medication. Also stating he should have handled the situation differently, Mr. Moore was arrested for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 28 Sep 08 a trustee for Mount Liberty Church, 9546 Liberty Road, Cutler, reported sometime overnight an unknown suspect(s) broke a window to enter the church and stole a water cooler and jug. The trustee said a mounted wall heater was also damaged in an ill fated attempt to steal it. This case remains under investigation (790).

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Chad Anthony Moore, age 38, 105 Oakwood Drive, Little Hocking, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Moore was arrested at his residence by Deputy Sheriff Carr and processed into the Washington County Jail on 28 Sep 08 at 12:15 pm.

Paul Eugene Riel Jr., age 43, 1213 Camden Avenue, Parkersburg, for domestic violence, a felony. Riel was arrested on State Route 339 by Deputy Sheriff S. Travaglio and processed into the Washington County Jail on 28 Sep 08 at 6:30 pm.

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