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Archive of 09-10-08

On 10 Sep 08 Lt. Canavan and Deputy Sheriff Travaglio responded to a report of an intoxicated male causing a disturbance at 510 Forshey Road Apt. C, Marietta. Visibly intoxicated on alcohol and possibly some kind of drug, Rojack A. Matyas, age 30, was unable to stand on his own or to speak. Mr. Matyas’ estranged wife mentioned that her husband is homeless but occasionally stays with her and earlier in the evening Mr. Matyas argued with her and punched a wall. Since no threat or violence occurred Deputy Travaglio issued Mr. Matyas a citation for disorderly conduct by intoxication and transported him to Marietta Memorial Hospital for treatment.

On 10 Sep 08 a forty-one year old Marietta resident reported her sixteen year old daughter continues to see a twenty-one year old male despite repeated orders to cease contact with him. This case remains under investigation (232).

On 10 Sep 08 John J. Hooper, age 53, 602 Tadpole Run Road, Belpre, reported at some point during the past ten days an unknown suspect(s) stole five aluminum wheels along with other scrap metal from his property. This case remains under investigation (1293).

On 10 Sep 08 Raymond Ruble, age 57, 27400 State Route 7 Lot 62, Marietta, reported while he was away from his residence for several hours that evening an unknown suspect(s) entered his home and stole a plastic jar containing approximately $45 in change. This case remains under investigation (897).

On 10 Sep 08 an employee of the Washington County Juvenile Center, 1699 Colegate Drive, Marietta, reported around 10:00 pm two males, a seventeen year old and a fifteen year old, escaped from the facility. Sgt. Alkire located and arrested the seventeen year old in the vicinity of Shoney’s several hours later. The fifteen year old remains at large. For their behavior, both juveniles have been charged with being delinquent.

On 10 Sep 08 an employee of Verizon, 509 Fifth Street, Beverly, reported for the fourth time he found what appears to be a bullet hole in a phone line outside 3711 Milner Road, Waterford. This case remains under investigation (500).

On 10 Sep 08 Deputy Sheriff Smeeks issued a citation to Tiffanie T. Grubb, age 38, 700 ½ Cisler Drive, Marietta, for traveling 68 mph in a 55 mph zone. Deputy Smeeks stopped Ms. Grubb on State Route 7 near milepost eleven in Warren Township.

These individuals, listed with their fine amounts, recently failed to appear at a court ordered hearing on unpaid fines:

Edward D. Bailey, age 24, 502 Barclay Street Apt. D, Belpre, $386.00.

Jacob J. Blazosky, age 27, 820 Ferncliff Drive, Marietta, $868.90.

Robert C. Burgett, age 30, 45145 Stock Township 233, Summerfield, OH, $563.95.

Joshua A. Ewers, age 19, 3585 State Route 260, New Matamoras, $257.40.

Dustin B. Lolley, age 22, 740 Greene Street, Newport, $513.30.

John P. Nichols, age 43, 1020 Caywood Road, Marietta, $459.55.

Al L. Smith, age 29, 720 30th Street, Parkersburg, $722.50.

Jeffrey A. Theiss, age 30, 27130 State Route 7, Marietta, $273.00.

Mitch E. Ward, age 23, 45544 State Route 160, Vinton, OH, $325.00.

Jeffrey S. Whittekind, age 20, 316 Gilman Street, Marietta, $357.50.

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Mark Edward Schuller, age 37, 1053 Vine Street, Middleport, OH, for driving under a suspended license and for having faulty equipment, both misdemeanors. Schuller was picked up in Franklin County by Corrections Officer Sheaves and processed into the Washington County Jail on 10 Sep 08 at 5:50 pm.

Earl Raymond Martin, age 48, 681 State Route 821, Marietta, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Martin was arrested on Barclay Street in Belpre by Deputy Sheriff Thorpe and processed into the Washington County Jail on 10 Sep 08 at 11:03 pm.

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