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Archive of 02-04-08

On 4 Feb 08 Sgt. Stackpole issued a citation to Eric D. Schaffner, age 19, 422 N. Broadway, New Philadelphia, for traveling 71 mph in a 55 mph zone. Sgt. Stackpole stopped Mr. Schaffner on State Route 7 near Joe Skinner Road in Dunham Township.

On 4 Feb 07 Deputy Sheriff Staats requested a warrant for William O. Hardman, age 37, formerly of 1111 Lancaster Street, Marietta, for a felony charge of theft. A day earlier a witness reported seeing Mr. Hardman removing furniture and other items from the residence from which he is being evicted and loading it into a U-Haul truck.

On 4 Feb 07 Deputy Sheriff Spencer requested summonses for two seventeen year old Vincent residents to appear in Juvenile Court for being delinquent. Questioned regarding an incident on 7 Dec 07 during which a makeshift bomb damaged a mailbox at 3000 Barth Road, Barlow, the juveniles stated they placed the bomb in the mailbox in retaliation for comments made pertaining to one of the juveniles’ girlfriend. In an unrelated event also involving “Works” bombs placed in mailboxes, Deputy Spencer requested a summons for Benjamin E. Gribble, age 18, 2941 Lake Road, Fleming, for criminal damaging and for a seventeen year old Fleming resident for being delinquent. Deputy Spencer’s affidavits allege that the duo inserted the bombs as practical jokes in the mailboxes of three people they knew.

On 4 Feb 08 Deputy Lockhart conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Robert L. Wilson III, age 36, 3820 Bells Run Road, Newport, on US 50 for having an inoperable license plate light. Informed by Dispatch Mr. Wilson had a suspended license, Deputy Lockhart arrested Mr. Wilson at which time he noticed a knife in the suspect’s waist band under his coat. Deputy Lockhart confiscated the knife, which was locked in the open position, as well as several prescription pain pills that were concealed in a wrench socket. Charged with tampering with drugs, carrying a concealed weapon and driving under a suspended license, Mr. Wilson was transported to the Washington County Jail.


On 4 Feb 08 Deputies investigated reports that Matthew R. Jett, age 22, 505 Ferguson Street, Marietta, was operating a silver vehicle with Virginia plates and that his driver’s license is under suspension. Locating Mr. Jett at a parking lot at the corner of Third and Greene Streets, Deputy Sheriff Mankins interviewed Jett, who admitted his license was suspended. Under further questioning after being read his rights, Jett stated he snorted three lines of cocaine prior to being stopped and also smoked a rock of crack cocaine as he drove around Marietta with his twenty-two month old son in the back seat of his vehicle. While Jett was arrested for a felony charge of possession of cocaine and misdemeanor charges of child endangerment, driving under suspension and OVI, the child was released to his mother. Jett is incarcerated in the Washington County Jail pending his initial court appearance.

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Joseph Adam McKitrick, age 28, 3010 Burnett Road, Cutler, for felony charges of failure to appear at a court ordered hearing on unpaid fines and violating the terms of his probation and a misdemeanor charge of failure to appear. McKitrick was arrested at his residence by Deputy Sheriff Mankins and processed into the Washington County Jail on 4 Feb 08 at 5:30 pm.

Brian John Ruble, age 32, 308 Florence Street Apt. B, Belpre, for violating the terms of his probation, a misdemeanor. Ruble was arrested at his residence by Probation Officer Brockmeier and processed into the Washington County Jail on 4 Feb 08 at 8:26 pm.

Karen Louise Brugger, age 55, 108 Colonial Square Apt. D, Belpre, for violating the terms of her probation, a misdemeanor. Brugger was arrested on behalf of Probation Officer Brugger and processed into the Washington County Jail on 4 Feb 08 at 8:50 pm.

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