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Archive of 02-09-06

On 9 Feb 06, after conducting a traffic stop and while speaking to Thomas R. Barton, age 31, 880 State Route 676, Stockport, concerning his lack of displaying license plates, Lt. Wilson noticed Mr. Barton’s hand were visibly shaking. Asked if he had weapons in his possession, Mr. Barton stated no but Lt. Wilson conducted a pat down search for his safety. During the search Lt. Wilson found a baggy half full of marijuana, which Mr. Barton admitted was his and that he grew himself. Accordingly, Lt. Wilson requested a summons for Mr. Barton for possession of marijuana.

On 9 Feb 06 Deputy Sheriff Rhodes issued a citation to Jacob E. Mason, age 20, 208 Scammel Street, Marietta, for driving under a suspended license. Deputy Rhodes stopped Mr. Mason on Putnam Street in the city of Marietta.

On 9 Feb 06 Robert A. Wilcoxen, age 46, 1735 Wilcoxen Road, Cutler, reported sometime over the past four days a former renter may have entered their former residence on State Route 550 and removed two bicycles. Since Deputy Sheriff Evans recovered the bicycles from the suspects Mr. Wilcoxen declined to pursue the matter further.

On 9 Feb 06 an employee of Frontier Health Care, 1001 Pike Street Suite 3, Marietta, reported during the overnight hours an unidentified suspect broke the glass out of the business’s front door. This case remains under investigation (296).

On 9 Feb 06 a thirteen year old Lawrence Elementary School student reported being punched in the face by a twelve year old student on the bus that afternoon. The victim stated he and his assailant exchanged words earlier in the school day and that he was seated on the bus when the assault transpired. The suspect, who does not ride that bus, approached the victim, grabbed him by the neck and punched him in the face, resulting in redness and swelling. This incident remains under investigation (500).

the Sheriff’s Office received the following warrants:

Jenny I. McCabe, age 26, 122 Elmwood Avenue, Marietta, for contempt for failing to appear in court having been indicted for uttering and forgery.

Erica J. Deford, age 26, 120 Walker Street, Marietta, for contempt for failing to appear in court having been indicted for uttering, forgery and receiving stolen property.

Jerry R. Riggs, age 35, 1433 East Branch Road, Lowell, for violating the terms of his probation by failing to pay his fines in full or to serve six days in jail.

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Clarence Shepherd III, age 29, 4322 First Avenue Apt. A, Nitro, WV, for .08 breath OVI and for failure to yield at a flashing signal, both misdemeanors. Shepherd was arrested on Second Street in Marietta by Patrolman Huffman of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 9 Feb 06 at 2:40 am.

Eliot Contreras Martinez, age 21, 341C Venus, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, for operating without a license and for speeding, both misdemeanors. Martinez was arrested on Interstate 77 by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and processed into the Washington County Jail on 9 Feb 06 at 4:10 am.

Patrick Brian Nichols, age 42, 836 Pike Street Apt. 14, Marietta, for driving under an OVI suspended license, failure to appear and breach of recognizance, all misdemeanors. Nichols was arrested at his residence by the Ohio State Highway Patrol and processed into the Washington County Jail on 9 Feb 06 at 2:57 pm.

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