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Archive of 07-14-05

On 14 Jul 05 while conducting a pat down during a suspected OVI stop, Lt. Wilson found what appeared to be a marijuana bowl in the pocket of Alex D. Curry, age 42, 554 Curry Road, Waterford. When asked if he possessed any other drug paraphernalia, Mr. Curry pointed Lt. Wilson to the center console where he also found a marijuana pipe and a small quantity of marijuana. As a result, Lt. Wilson requested a summons for Mr. Curry for possession of drug paraphernalia.

On 14 Jul 05 Leanne S. Delaney, age 47, 100 Morningside Drive, Marietta, reported between Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening her purse was stolen from inside her minivan. This case remains under investigation (1071).

On 14 Jul 05 a twenty-seven year old Belpre resident reported over the last two days, receiving harassing phone calls from her brother’s ex-girlfriend demanding to know her brother’s whereabouts. The victim declined to pursue the matter further (602).

On 14 Jul 05 Darlene Shutts, age 47, 2720 Turkey Hollow Road, Cutler, reported while she left her purse unattended for a few moments at Decatur United Methodist Church Sunday morning, her wallet was stolen from inside. This case remains under investigation (695, 292).

On 14 Jul 05 the parents of a fifteen year old Lower Salem resident reported when they confronted their son over his suspected use of narcotics or alcohol he became violent. Beginning with a verbal tirade, the juvenile escalated his behavior to the point where he began choking his mother before turning to his father and doing the same. Since he also threatened to shoot his parents with a shotgun, Deputy Evans took the juvenile into custody and transported him to the Washington County Juvenile Center.

On 14 Jul 05 Jeffrey W. Parrish, age 48, 417 Mason Street, Parkersburg, reported an acquaintance approached him while her was sitting in his vehicle parked along Drag Strip Road and punched him in the mouth through his opened window. This case remains under investigation (905).


Today Detectives began an investigation into the thefts of items from homes on Sanjubar Drive and Sandhill Road in the Reno area between 10 pm last night and 6 am this morning. The homes were occupied by sleeping residents. Differing from past methods of only entering unlocked vehicles, the perpetrator(s) of the aforementioned thefts entered the former through an unlocked front door and the latter through an unlocked rear door. During the course of the crime on Sanjubar Drive, the suspect(s) stole a wallet, a purse, a sum of currency and a set of keys to a vehicle parked outside. The owner of the vehicle reported the van was entered though the suspect(s) left the keys on the floorboard of the vehicle and neglected to steal any items from inside. In the second of the two thefts the home’s resident reported the thieves stole a purse and its contents from atop the kitchen counter in her home.

As a matter safety and security Sheriff Larry Mincks recommends home and vehicle owners to lock their doors during the overnight hours and anytime when leaving their homes and vehicles unattended. If you have further information pertaining to these events please phone Detective Sergeant Brian Schuck of the Washington County Sheriff's Office’s at (740) 376-7070 ext. 21.

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Larry Eugene McKitrick Jr., age 32, 707 Phillips Street, Marietta, for theft, a misdemeanor. McKitrick was arrested at Kroger by Detective Wright of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 14 Jul 05 at 1:25 pm.

David Stockton Wilson, age 25, 618 Eighth Street, Marietta, for violating the terms of his probation, a felony. Wilson was arrested at the Washington County Courthouse by Corrections Officer Farrell and processed into the Washington County Jail on 14 Jul 05 at 2:50 pm.

Eric W. Drake, age 37, 1014 ½ Hadley Lane, Marietta, for violating the terms of his probation, a misdemeanor. Drake was arrested at the office of Probation Officer Hamilton and processed into the Washington County Jail on 14 Jul 05 at 3:00 pm.

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