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Archive of 12-23-04

On 23 Dec 04 Deputy Sheriff Mankins was dispatched to assist New Matamoras Police Chief Denzil R. Knowlton Jr. in a traffic stop, specifically to transport the third of three arrestees to the Washington County Jail. While en route, Chief Knowlton stopped the vehicle several times after the back seat passenger Larry D. Harris, age 21, 107 Bridge Street, St. Marys, repeatedly moved his handcuffed hands from behind him to his front. As they traveled past Doak’s vegetable stand on State Route 7, Mr. Harris again maneuvered his handcuffs in front of him, slid open the cruiser’s cage window and began choking Chief Knowlton from behind. Deputy Mankins responded to the chief’s distress call and was shortly able to release Chief Knowlton from the clutches of Mr. Harris. As a result of Mr. Harris’ actions, Deputy Mankins charged him with assault on a police officer, a fourth degree felony.

On 23 Dec 04 Kevin C. Beardsley, age 50, 210 Upper Fifteenmile Creek Road, Wingett Run, reported at some point since June of this year, the windows on his 1986 Buick were broken and four tires, rims and carburetor were stolen while the vehicle was parked on his property off Lynch Hill Road in Lowell. This case remains under investigation (296).

On 23 Dec 04 Lt. Wilson initiated a traffic stop on State Route 7 between mile posts twenty-seven and twenty-eight after observing the northbound vehicle he was following travel to the right of the white edge line, across the centerline and back again across the right edge line. While exiting his vehicle to speak with the driver, Lt. Wilson observed Valeria M. Holdren, age 21, 425 Greene Street, Newport, bending over in the front seat of her vehicle. Upon further inspection Lt. Wilson observed an open bottle of beer under the driver’s seat and detected an odor of alcohol on Ms. Holdren. Following her poor performance on three field sobriety tests Lt. Wilson arrested Ms. Holdren for OVI and transported her to the Washington County Jail.


On December 02, 2004 inmate Steve McCabe was in the Washington County Jail for violating the terms of his parole with the Adult Parole Authority. McCabe was on parole for a prior trafficking in marijuana charge out of Washington County. Marietta Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office received information that McCabe had smuggled heroin into the jail in his rectum. The Washington County Jail Corrections’ Officers kept McCabe under close supervision and heroin was subsequently found inside McCabe’s cell. McCabe was interviewed and charged with possession of heroin in the amount of approximately 12.57 grams, a second degree felony.

On December 07, 2004 a search warrant was executed by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from the Adult Parole Authority at the home of Steve McCabe on SR550, Warren Township. Officers from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Marietta Police Department, Adult Parole Authority, and the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office had combined information into the activities at the McCabe residence. Information was shared that led authorities to believe the residence would contain illegal narcotics and stolen property. A search warrant was executed at the residence and at a storage building under the control of McCabe. A large amount of stolen property was found along with a small amount of narcotics inside the home. A 16 foot box truck was used to remove the stolen property. A stolen four wheeler was also recovered. Two vehicles were seized as part of the narcotics investigation. The investigation continues into the stolen property. Many of the stolen items were stolen from retail stores and brought to the location to be traded for heroin. Other items were stolen from heroin addicts’ family members and taken to the home and traded for heroin. Property Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4.

April 1, 2004 two Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detectives were assigned to work narcotics investigations. Since that time, there have been approximately 25 controlled drug buys, 13 search warrants, 7 vehicle seizures, and cash seized. Since that time the drug unit has worked closely and shared information with the Marietta Police Department, Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force, Muskingum County Task Force, and the Columbus Task Force on several different cases.

Since the beginning of 2004, approximately 621 hours of overtime has been worked on narcotic related cases by Officers of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Since October 2004 approximately 150 hours of overtime have been worked by Officers of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on cases involving Steve McCabe and his involvement in the local heroin problem.

It has been found that the typical Heroin addict has been going to Columbus to buy their Heroin. The Heroin addict will buy several “sacks” of heroin. Many of the “sacks” will be used and the rest are sold locally to make money to return to Columbus to buy more heroin. This cycle can occur several times in a week. Once a person has begun dealing with Heroin in our area they have been identified and actions to cease their operation are taken, hence the above stated arrests and search warrants. However, the “user” that is driving to Columbus and buying their heroin and using it and coming back to Washington County is still a concern. The heroin overdoses are due to the heroin coming from Columbus and the effects are being felt here. Heroin addicts buy their heroin already “cut “or diluted with some other product (i.e. baking soda, baby laxative, etc.). The addict’s body gets used to using a certain amount of heroin. When the addict buys heroin that has been “cut” differently with a different level of purity an overdose sometimes occurs. The typical user can not look at the heroin prior to use to tell the level of purity. At that point they have to hope for the best, a guessing game they are playing with their lives, similar to Russian Roulette.

The heroin users in our area that have been identified usually have had an extensive relationship with local law enforcement and the local courts. Many have served time in prison or the county jails for previous drug offenses or other crimes. Most of them do however appear to be repeat offenders or repeat drug users.

Photos of recent arrestees:

the Sheriff’s Office received the following warrants AND INDICTMENTS:

Douglas Hendershot, age 32, last known address 1308 Williamson Avenue Apt. 7D, New Matamoras, a warrant upon indictment for aggravated robbery and for tampering with evidence.

Steven E. McCabe, age 45, last known address 17260 State Route 550, Marietta, warrants upon indictment for possession of drugs, conveyance of drugs into a detention facility and for trafficking in drugs.

James R. Busch, age 23, last known address 26935 State Route 7, Marietta, a warrant upon indictment for breach of recognizance bond.

Kirk M. Urban, age 29, last known address 351 Everson Road, Belpre, a warrant upon indictment for vandalism.

The following individuals were processed into the Washington County Jail:

Valeria Michelle Holdren, age 21, 425 Greene Street, Newport, for .08 breath OVI, a misdemeanor. Holdren was arrested on State Route 7 by Lt. Wilson of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Dec 04 at 3:33 am.

Robert Eugene White II, age 49, 242 Pennsylvania Avenue, Marietta, for violating the terms of his probation, a misdemeanor. White was arrested at the office of Probation Officer Ketelsen and processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Dec 04 at 9:35 am.

Michael Charles Plaugher, age 25, 1007 Third Street, Marietta, for a felony charge of retaliation and misdemeanor charges of assault and obstructing official business. Plaugher was arrested at Cole’s Tire by Patrolman Hearn of the Marietta City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Dec 04 at 10:00 pm.

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